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Here is what being an RTS Premiere Member will mean for you and your clients (ACCESS BEGINS DEC. 1)

  • Exclusive access to the RTS Tax Preparation program for your “moderately complex” clients - your membership cuts the cost to your client by 50% compared to what we would otherwise charge taxpayers.
  • RTS Tax Calculator for tax projections and scenario analysis - web based tool to help with tax planning. The RTS Tax Team will upload your client tax returns into the Calculator so you aren’t doing data entry even for clients who are not participating in the Tax Preparation program for 2021.
  • Premiere Client Portal - your hub for collaborating with the RTS Tax Team including submitting client specific questions and tracking the status of tax preparation and planning throughout the year.
  • All the benefits of RTS Essentials Membership (included in the price of your Premiere Membership).

All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy.

Here is what being an RTS Essentials Member will mean for you

  • Monthly newsletters with scripts, samples, sources and stories from Advisors in the trenches on specific tax topics.
  • Checklists and tools that focus on HOW.
  • Online Members only forum moderated by the RTS Tax Team for your (general) tax questions.
  • Community of truly comprehensive financial planners to connect with and collaborative with.
  • On demand access to all of our webinars, including member exclusive webinars.
  • Quarterly white label value adds that you can use with your clients.
  • Ability once per quarter to submit a client tax return for the RTS Tax Team to review. You’ll get specific insight on the return as well as an opportunity to see our approach and learn how you can improve your review process as well.

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