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We give you actionable advice so you can elevate your influence through purposeful negotiation—helping you overcome the hurdles you face in business and life to become even more successful.

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THIS WEEK’S PODCASTRedefining Police Work With Purpose

Executive Summary Hi everyone! We appreciate you joining us on a brand new episode of the NEGOTIATEx podcast. With us today is Adrian Goodwin, a distinguished 19-year veteran of the NYPD, adjunct faculty member at John Jay College, award-winning author,... Read More

Executive Summary Nobody’s perfect, right? Every mortal has their flaws. If someone has an odd speech pattern, we can filter...


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Welcome to the NEGOTIATEx Podcast! In our last episode, Nolan and Aram discussed the 7 Elements of Negotiation:...


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Welcome to the NEGOTIATEx Podcast! Today’s show is built around the negotiating framework: Nolan and Aram focus on...


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Welcome to the NEGOTIATEx Podcast! Today we’re focusing on a negotiating tool that’s sometimes undervalued: The negotiating mindset....


Welcome to the very first NEGOTIATEx Podcast! Episode! Nolan’s guest today is Aram Donigian. Aram is a Senior Affiliated Trainer...

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About the Show

Do you want to take control of your negotiations, both in business and in life? Then the NEGOTIATEx Podcast might be exactly for you! Learn from the best as our hosts Nolan and Aram break down key aspects of the negotiation process in every episode. Not only do they share some of the more fascinating examples of negotiations from their military careers, they give you purposeful actionable advice that is sure to elevate your influence and add value to your life.

Your Host:

Nolan Martin
NegotiateX Podcast

Nolan Martin started his negotiation journey in 2011, when he took a course at The United States Military Academy at West Point. Aram was his professor, and his methods helped Nolan achieve his desired outcomes in various negotiation scenarios throughout his military career.

Your Host:

Aram Donigian

Aram Donigian served in the United States army for 9 years before he approached negotiations from an academic perspective. With Jeff Weiss and his colleagues at Vantage Partners, he started the West Point Negotiations Project to help officers be more effective in the complex negotiations they face. Now that he has retired from the Army, Aram wants to share these skills more broadly.

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